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Casino & District Family History Group Inc.

Walker Street, Casino NSW 2470, Australia

Do you have a link to the many generations of pioneers who shaped the Richmond Valley?
+61 (02) 6662 8114

Are your ancestors from Casino? Are you looking for a missing link ?
The Casino Family History Group can help you discover that missing link.

Whether you are just starting the family tree or trying to fill in the gaps, their vast array of information can help you along your way!

The dedicated volunteers can assist you with your local, Australian and overseas family history research. Local and regional resources include family and locality files, newspapers and indexes, cemetery records, rates and electorate rolls, history books, pioneer registers, maps and much more.

The Casino & District Family History Group is located upstairs in Room 5 of the historical School of Arts Building on the corner of Barker and Walker Streets, Casino.

Our Opening Hours are Tues, Thurs and Fri 10am-2pm; Wed 12 - 4pm; Sat 9-11:30am

Location Map